Ben Leber would like Brett Favre to make a decision quickly

Clearly, Ben Leber(notes) has not been paying attention. He's like a guy who stumbles on to an episode of "House" and says, "Man, I wish that brilliant doctor would stop being so mean."

He's not going to. Because that's just not what the man does.

Leber, the Vikings linebacker, made the outlandish wish on the NFL Network, in addition to saying that he'd love to have Favre back. Here are the comments, via Bruce Ciskie at the FanHouse.

"We would love to have the guy back," Leber said. "My gut feeling is that he is going to come back, and I hope that my gut is right.

"But I think a respectable timetable is to let us know as early as possible. With everything that we have, the ingredients that we have on this team -- [and] what we can hopefully do next year -- give us the time to maybe do something in the draft, whether it be trading picks or whatever, and getting somebody in.

"I think waiting all the way to the end is going to be detrimental to this team. I think he's going to make a decision quick, and I hope he does."

I agree. Waiting all the way to the end would be detrimental to the team. It would also be completely in line with Brett Favre's(notes) character and past behavior.

The best thing to do -- some would say the right thing to do -- would be to make a decision before free agency starts on March 5, or at least before the draft, so the Vikings can make the necessary personnel adjustments if Favre doesn't come back. That would be the considerate, selfless, team-first thing to do.

That's not the Favre way, though. He'll make the decision on his own timetable, and I'm sure the Vikings will happily let him do so. His presence means they're automatic Super Bowl contenders, so they'll put up with just about anything. And maybe that's as it should be.

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