Bears quarterback Josh McCown unsure if he wants to play football after this season

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown seemingly has it all.

McCown’s NFL career took off this season when he was asked to fill in for an injured Jay Cutler. The career backup was 3-2 as a starter, had 1,829 passing yards, 13 touchdowns and one interception (109 passer rating). He played so well, some NFL observers believed Cutler should have remained on the bench, even after he was medically cleared.

As a result of his outstanding performance, McCown is poised to be a hot commodity after this season. Cutler is an unrestricted free agent, and even if Chicago re-signs him, another squad could make a run at McCown.

However, McCown, 34-years-old, is unsure he will play football again after the 2013 season. His wife and four children (two daughters, ages 15 and 6, and two sons, 10 and 9) live in North Carolina, and being away from them has been difficult for the quarterback.

"It’s a year-to-year thing of how long is this going to be,” McCown told the Chicago Sun-Times. “In our minds, when we commit to it, it’s for a year. So to be apart like this, it’s a tough deal. But it’s something everybody [in my family] talks about, including my daughter, my oldest, especially, just sitting with her, ‘Is all this OK? Are you cool with this?’ So she’s been great with it all.

“But for me, I know that there is a time coming where it’s going to get harder and harder. I kind of have a thought process in my mind of: I don’t know if I want to do this and let her get out of my house having done this the last four years where we live apart.

“There’s not enough money in the world to justify and make it feel OK to miss those games and stuff like that. It’s a process. It’s things that we think about, quite honestly, moving forward in my career in the direction, ‘Are we going to keep playing?’ All those things, because it’s a real question, because those things are hard.”

If a team places a multi-million contract in front of McCown after this season, we will see if his sentiments remain the same.

Regardless, it is refreshing to hear McCown put his family first. It beats hearing about a player holding out for more money or demanding a new contract. McCown believes he has something money cannot buy, and it is hard to argue against his value system.

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