Bears, Jay Cutler seem to have different ideas of what is going on with his ankle

The Chicago Bears have a chance to win the NFC North because of the shaky state of the division. This we all agree on.

What no one seems to agree on, however, is the health status of quarterback Jay Cutler. He's hurt — and that's all we definitively know about his ankle at this point.

The Bears say he has a high-ankle sprain, and head coach Marc Trestman says he's "totally confident" that Cutler will play again this season.

But other people say Cutler's injury is related to a ligament, and that it could be torn.

Even Cutler himself, appearing his own radio show last week on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, spoke of the tenuous state of said ligament.

“There are a couple of ligaments that we’re a little worried about that’s different than the normal high ankle sprain,” Cutler said. “There are a few other things involved. If I just had a normal high ankle sprain, I wouldn’t be in a cast. [A cast] helps it scar up and stuff, but the normal high ankle sprain isn’t really a concern at this point.”

The Shutdown Corner employs no full-time orthopedic specialists or sports-medicine physicians, but it's not as common to cast a high ankle sprain, especially one that the team has deemed to be on the more minor side. But according to, that absolutely could be the treatment for a ligament injury.

Now, the truth of the matter is that the Bears have plenty of issues — a horrific run defense, a propensity to commit scores of penalties — that go way beyond the quarterback position. Let's put it this way: No one is upset with the play of backup Josh McCown, who has been game in Cutler's absence.

But it's going to be fascinating to see how the Bears, as the teeter on the edge of contending, handle this situation. If they start to fade from the race, their idea of what is going on inside Cutler's ankle might suddenly change.

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