Bart Scott fined $10,000 for flipping off cameraman in locker room

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was fined $10,000 for raising his middle finger toward a cameraman in the team locker room on Monday.

Scott, whose future with the team is in question after another subpar season, was cleaning out his locker when the incident occurred. He refused to take questions, pushed past reporters and raised his middle finger toward a cameraman while using an expletive.

The Jets announced the fine on their team Twitter page. A spokesman called the actions "inappropriate and unacceptable."

Rex Ryan used the same words to describe Scott's behavior, though it's hard to believe him. In the Ryan household, the bird is probably a term of endearment. When Rex gives Rob a Christmas gift, I'm assuming they exchange a few profanities, flash some obscene gestures that most of us don't even know about and then get into a noogie fight while battling over the last piece of pie.

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These sorts of fines are old hat by now for Rexy and the Jets. The coach was fined in 2010 for flipping the bird at an MMA event. Earlier this season, he gave the verbal finger to a fan while walking off the field for halftime and forked over $75,000 for the effort.

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