Barack Obama comments about football safety, but never pressed for Super Bowl pick

Even though President Barack Obama has already been elected to a second term (and no longer needs to win any votes), CBS didn't put him on the spot by asking him to make a pick for the winning team in the Super Bowl.

CBS' Scott Pelley asked mostly political questions during the interview with Obama, which lasted about eight minutes. He never asked him for a pick on the game.

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"I've got some wings waiting for me upstairs," Obama offered at the end of the session.

Pelley's interview remained serious for most of the time, with the only football talk doubling back to Obama's previous statement that if he had a son he would have reservations about letting him play football.

Obama reiterated to CBS that he would not necessarily want his son, if he had one, playing football. He did say it would be hard to say no if that son had a passion to play.

He said he praised the NFL for its efforts in making the game safer, even if it takes out the "rock 'em, sock 'em" hits the game produces. He said he wants to make sure once players are done playing the game, they are OK.

"It is a great sport, I am a huge fan, but there is no doubt some of the concerns we've learned about when it comes to concussions have to give parents pause," Obama said. "As I said before, I feel differently about the NFL. These are grown men. They're well compensated. They know of the risks involved. But as we start thinking about the pipeline — Pop Warner, high school, college — I want to make sure we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer. That means the game is probably going to evolve a little bit."

Then the talk got political and remained that way until the end.

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Pelley touched on policy change that opens many front-line military jobs for women, Obama's feeling that Boy Scout leadership should be open to gays , concerns about another recession and the deficit issue and how it relates to taxes ("There’s no doubt we need additional revenue coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficit," Obama said).

Obama has turned the Super Bowl pregame appearance into an annual event. He talked football and politics with Matt Lauer last year when NBC broadcast the Super Bowl.

Offshore gambling sites were taking bets on who Obama would pick (Ravens were the heavy favorite), but now he won't have to answer questions from angry citizens in Baltimore or San Francisco.

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