Bar patrons politely tolerate DeAngelo Williams signing karaoke

I guess if you're going to mimic R. Kelly's behavior in a bar, it's better to sing one of his songs than to do ... well, anything else that R. Kelly might do. Still, DeAngelo Williams(notes), while a great running back and probably a delightful person, is not cut out for the karaoke.

It's probably no longer possible to besmirch R. Kelly, but DeAngelo comes pretty close there. I think this falls under the category of "Things that are cute if you're a beloved celebrity sports figure, but would make the average Joe an obnoxious clown."

Thankfully, teammate Jonathan Stewart(notes) was there and also had a mic. The lesson here is that things always work better when you perform as a team. Especially when one of you can't sing.

The video was shot and then tweeted by Bill Voth, sports anchor at Charlotte's WSOC-TV.

Gracias, PFT.