Baltimore Ravens quite skilled at tackling teammates (VIDEO)

Maggie Hendricks

The Baltimore Ravens outlasted the Denver Broncos to win 38-35 in double overtime. The game was the best of the 2013 playoffs, and will be remembered as one of the best playoff games of all-time. But that doesn't mean there weren't some hilariously terrible miscues. The Ravens provided two plays that should be soundtracked by "Benny Hill."

First, it was Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis stepping all over each other on defense. Guys, you want to look for the people who aren't wearing the same shirts as you.

But the Suggs-Lewis collision was nothing compared to what happened on special teams on the very next play. When returning a punt, Tandon Voss was hit by teammate Josh Hynes.

The win means the Ravens' Super Bowl hopes are still alive, but they still have work to do before next week's conference championship. Number one on Baltimore's list should be making sure only to hit guys on the other team.

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