Back in the Day: Bo Jackson vs. Brian Bosworth

Let's take a second to thank Bo Jackson today for succinctly summarizing the professional football career of Brian Bosworth in just one play.

At the time of this Monday night game between the Seahawks and Raiders, Jackson and Bosworth were two of the most hyped athletes on the planet. Both were (thought to be, anyway) physical freaks; strong, fast, explosive, and fearsome. Only one of them is still remembered that way.

The other, Bosworth, turned out to be an amalgam of media hype, manufactured persona, steroids, and bull manure. The Boz probably wasn't as bad a player as he's remembered to be, but he's generally regarded as one of the bigger draft busts in NFL history, and was out of the league in three years.

Bo himself didn't last much longer, but he did bother to make an impression in his time in the league. Through four NFL seasons, he averaged 5.4 yards per carry, and that doesn't begin to tell the tale of his greatness. Had he been able to stay healthy, he'd be in the conversation for greatest running back of all-time, and in my opinion, greatest athlete of all-time.

Check out the Bo Jackson highlight reel after the jump. A very good running back could be in the league for 10 years and not be able to put together a highlight reel with that many mind-blowing plays. Bo did it in four years. His combination of power and speed was unbelievable.

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