He’s back: Brett Favre will join NFL Network for Sunday’s Super Bowl coverage

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Hey hey! Remember this guy?

Back before Tim Tebow occupied our every thought and waking moment, Brett Favre was the quarterback that was pushed on every football fan whether they liked it or not. He went through a very public divorce with the state of Wisconsin, led the media through a few "will he, won't he?" soap operas in New Jersey and Minnesota and was finally bodyslammed out of our collective consciousness by a heroic lineman from the Chicago Bears.

Unfortunately, two-plus years of blissful Favre-free existence is now coming to an end with the news that the ol' gunslinger will join the NFL Network for its 8 1/2 hours of Super Bowl XLVII coverage on Sunday. The appearance will be made in the same city where Favre won his only Super Bowl championship with a 35-21 Green Bay victory over New England in Super Bowl XXXI.

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The good news: Favre's TV future currently doesn't extend past the weekend.

The bad: USA Today's Michael Hiestand believes this will be an "on-air audition" for the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback and could open up bidding for Favre's services next fall.

Terry Bradshaw, after all, can't do his job forever. (No, seriously, he can't, can he?) Favre looks like he could step right in and fill the role of southern-fried guffawer on any set.

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OK, so maybe this Bears fan is being a little harsh on Favre before he ever offers any analysis on your standard cable package. But consider that the reporter from the AP asked Favre for his pick between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens and this is what he got:

''I think both teams are good and very deserving of being in the Super Bowl,'' Favre said. ''Both are very well coached and have great story lines. ''I have probably followed the 49ers more closely, and the way Colin (Kaepernick) is playing makes me think they have the advantage.

''But I am not going to make a prediction.''

Yup, it's 2013 and Favre still can't make up his mind. The more things change ...

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