‘The Bachelor’ wants Tim Tebow

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

With the possible exception of George Clooney and this guy, Tim Tebow is America's most eligible bachelor. Could he become its next Bachelor too?

That's what Chris Harrison, host of the long-running ABC show "The Bachelor" would like. He told "Access Hollywood" that he asked the Denver Broncos quarterback to become the next star of the show.

"I've actually met Tim Tebow," Harrison said, according to the New York Post. "I met him about becoming our next 'Bachelor.' I think he'd be a great 'Bachelor.'"

Frankly, "television producer/host wants Tim Tebow for role" is a bit of a "dog bites man" story. I'm sure everyone in Hollywood has thrown out Tebow's name for some television project. His agent has probably fielded calls from shows ranging from "Nightline" to "It's a Brad, Brad World." A turn as "The Bachelor" would be pretty enticing, though.

Many of the women who frequent "The Bachelor" tend to be, um -- well, let's just say that some of their values may clash with Tebow's. (Incidentally, the same is true of all men who appear on "The Bachelorette.") Oh, sure, there are the few goody-goody idealists who think they'll find true love on a heavily scripted reality series. But for the most part, the hot tubs and jacuzzis under the purview of "The Bachelor" cameras are frequented by those Tebow would deem unfit. The only thing women like Courtney are saving for marriage are exclusive US Weekly photo shoots.

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And that's exactly why Tim Tebow being on "The Bachelor" would be amazing. Seeing Tebow spurn offers of lap dances, late-night skinny-dipping sessions and limo makeout sessions would be the reality show equivalent of his overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.

It's not going to happen, of course. "He did say yes," Harrison said, "but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback at least for another year."

Ouch. "At least for another year"? That's not showing very much confidence in Tebow. Who wrote those talking points? John Elway?

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