Avert your eyes! Various Week 3 horribleness…

Not counting Cleveland's abysmal quarterback play (we've already covered that) and the Redskins' historically bad first half (we'll do that later), here are a few of the least-impressive performances of Week 3:

1. Seattle's marketing department. Okay, guys. We know you also have a controlling interest in the Seattle Sounders soccer team, and that the Sounders' jerseys are bright, day-glo green. This does not mean that putting your NFL team in those same colors is a good idea. Unless you're trying to become the NFL's version of the Oregon Ducks, take a pass on the alternate jerseys, O Great Marketing Gurus. Home and away are quite enough.

2. Tampa Bay's offense. Giving up five passing touchdowns of more than 30 yards in their first two games was bad enough, but it turns out that the Bucs' real problem is their offense. Against the Giants in a 24-0 whitewashing, starting quarterback Byron Leftwich(notes) went 7 of 16 for 26 (!) yards and a pick. The Bucs picked up five first downs in the entire game. Backup quarterback Josh Johnson(notes) led the team in rushing with 15 yards on one carry – Cadillac Williams had eight yards on two carries. They were 0-for-9 in third-down conversions, and lost the time of possession battle, 16:22 to 43:38.

3. Titans quarterback Kerry Collins(notes). The Jets' defense has been deadly against quarterbacks this season, but that's no excuse for the way Collins went out of this game. The veteran failed to complete his last 13 passes, and went 15 of 37 overall, as the Titans dropped to 0-3 with a 24-17 loss to Rex Ryan's team.

4. Patriots receiver Joey Galloway(notes). Galloway's been off-target with Tom Brady(notes) all season; he dropped one ball in the end zone and stepped out of bounds before a catch on another. It's very unusual for a receiver to be so uncoordinated with Brady – generally guys come to the Patriots and look as good as they ever have – but between Brady's misfires and miscommunication between the quarterback and his receiver, Galloway leaves too many points on the field.

5. Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell(notes). 12 of 21 for 61 yards and two interceptions. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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