Austen Lane’s workout plan should inspire true greatness

When it comes to an offseason workout program, you can have your kettlebells, plyometrics and weights upon weights. We'll go with the new plan put together by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Austen Lane. The third-year pro, selected in the fifth round out of Murray State in 2010, hasn't quite blown it up in the stat department just yet; he's got 34 tackles (25 solo) and one sack in 17 NFL games. But based on what we've seen of his 2012 offseason regimen, we may be ready to predict DeMarcus Ware-level greatness from Mr. Lane.

From Lane's Twitter account -- as he put it, "By popular demand I've decided to post my Monday Workout schedule. Enjoy reaping the benefits twitter world!!!"

I'm starting on this one right now. Here's the whole thing, for those of you who would like to copy/paste it right into your craniums.

8:00 am: Wake up
8:30 am: Eat/Protein Shake
9:00 am: Tweet inspirational quote using the words "shine" and "grind" (This is absolutely true. There is apparently a constitutional amendment forcing all NFL players who are about to work out to tweet the phrase "Rise and Grind" at every possible opportunity).
10:00 am: Work out (We're assuming that tweet took so much out of him, he can't work out for an hour after doing it).
10:30 am: Instagram photo of my abs in sepia tones with the caption, "Getting it." (YES).
11:00 am: Upper-body workout/optional Instagram pic (Note: Taking Instagram pics while working out is MANDATORY. Never optional.)
11:45 am: More ab's (And, we're assuming, a quick look through the book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves.")
12:00-2:30 pm: Arms
3:00 pm: Eat
3:15 pm: Tweet people I'm eating (Note: You may want to rephrase that, Austen).
4:15 pm: Call of Duty

Now, that's a full day if we've ever seen one. No time to get into any off-field trouble with all this going on. Good on you, Austen Lane, We look forward to seeing your sack totals explode!

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