Audio: Deion Sanders and Snoop Dogg’s Hall of Fame rap song

Chris Chase

If you thought Deion Sanders was going to be content celebrating his Hall of Fame induction with an odd-looking bronze bust, a do-rag and a plethora of thank yous, then you don't know Prime Time. The Hall of Fame corner got together with his pal Snoop Dogg before going to Canton to record the track "Hall of Fame Swagger" and performed it at a ceremony during HOF weekend.

Deion gets on the mic for the middle verse and delivers his rap with an anxious vocal build-up that makes him sound like the male Nicki Minaj. Snoop contributes his laid back stylings with lines like "coldest cornerback to come out of Florida State."

The Auto-Tuned chorus goes:

"I've got my Hall of Fame swag on/lock 'em down, I'm the wrong player to pass on.

"Money bags stacked on my back/don't never stop chasing in the game/now I made it to the Hall of Fame.

"Worldwide player with the mic now I'm showing you all this game/I got my money now I'm headed to the Hall of Fame."

The Ice Cube/Chris Hanburger collabo has yet to drop.