Attention, Ladies: Do not date Pittsburgh Steelers

You ever wonder why Steelers mascot Steely McBeam carries around a big slab of metal? I think it's so that if he sees his girlfriend in public, he can swing it at her head.

For the second time in ten days, a Pittsburgh Steeler has been accused of punching a woman. I'm starting to think it's part of the Steelers off-season training program.

Wide receiver Cedric Wilson has been charged with assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after he allegedly punched a woman in the face at a Mexican restaurant last night.

According to witnesses, Wilson entered the Patron Mexican Grill, saw a woman named Lindsey Paulat sitting at the bar, pushed her shoulder, and when she turned around to look, socked her in the face.

If the name Lindsey Paulat sounds familiar, you may remember an incident from back in January when she fired a couple of bullets into Cedric's house, and was involved in a 12-hour standoff with police that forced 70 neighbors to be evacuated.

I'm starting to think that this isn't a healthy, nurturing relationship.

I don't know what makes a man think he'll be able to get away with punching a woman in a restaurant. Of course, I also don't know how a woman who I had a firearm and was involved in a 12-hour standoff with police is freely roaming the streets 2 months later, either.

There's just so much I don't understand about love.

Steelers release Cedrick Wilson a day after arrest / Yahoo! Sports

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