Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII: Working out the first quarter jitters

I saw more Eagles fans than anything yesterday at the Donovan McNabb/Yardbarker party, so again, the scoring opportunities for Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII have been limited. The first quarter has been mostly a series of punts.

There was some additional scoring, though.

With Giants fans in town, and Donovan McNabb showing up at a local event open to the public, I fully expected some New York people to be there for heckling purposes. Maybe show up and yell something like, "I got some Chunky Soup for your mother right here." I'd have even settled for a generic New York-accented "You suck, McNabb!"

But, no ... nothing like that. Minus three for Giants fans.

At the merchandise stand, though, I did observe a man picking up a Patriots hat, tossing it aside, and bellowing, "Patriots? I don't want none of that Patriots bull(expletive). I'm Giants, baby." Also, the guys at the merchandise stand said they were selling more Giants stuff than Patriots stuff.

So Lawrence Tynes gets them those three points back.

At at the end of the first quarter of Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII, the score is ...

Giants 3, Patriots 0.

The action almost has to heat up in the second quarter.