Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII: Declaring a winner

Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII Update: Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII was a grand disappointment.

If the Super Bowl is this disappointing, then it'll be 0-0 through 11 overtimes, at which point Roger Goodell decides to just declare a winner by having a Double Stuf Racing League Lick-Off between Tony Eason and Dave Meggett.

It was a good idea on paper, it just didn't work out that well in practice. Patriots and Giants fans were pretty scarce around town all week long ... it wasn't until yesterday that they became really visible everywhere you went.

And yesterday, I saw way more Patriots fans than Giants fans, and asked at a couple of sports merchandise shops if they were selling more Patriots gear or Giants gear, and the answer was always Patriots. So they're getting on the board with a touchdown, making it 10-6 Giants.

They missed the extra point, though, because I keep seeing people around town wearing Red Sox gear. We get it, pal ... New England is good at two sports. Put your precious Papelbon jersey in the closet for a few days, pretend like you care about the Patriots as much as you do you beloved Sox, and support the team that's actually playing this week.

And with that, I'm going to declare it final ...

Giants 10, Patriots 6.

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