Ask an NFL'er: The Gulf Coast oil spill

A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is spreading out of control and could become an even worse environmental disaster than the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989. Your thoughts, NFL person?

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

"I find this appalling. If the Houston Oilers still existed, I would suspend every damn one of them, just on general principle."

Zack Follett, Detroit Lions Linebacker

"Awww, what's the matter, Gulf of Mexico? It looks like you need yourself a great big Stayfree Maxi Pad with Wings." Roethlisberger, Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers

"Yes, Mr. Smartypants, it is a coincidence that the oil spill happened so soon after I washed and cut my hair."

Idea, obviously, borrowed from The Onion.

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