Ask an NFL'er: The out-of-control Toyota Prius

Owners of the Toyota Prius, even ones that have been repaired, are reporting that their cars are still accelerating uncontrollably. Your thoughts, NFL person?

Norv Turner, Head Coach, San Diego Chargers

"I'm sorry, but I just can't relate to anything that moves quickly or with any sense of urgency."

Derek Anderson(notes), Quarterback, Cleveland Browns

"This is why I hope the Prius becomes the best-selling car among Cleveland Browns fans."

LaDainian Tomlinson(notes), Running Back, New York Jets

"What's that you say? Electric cars are gliding out of control? It just so happens that I have an informative video that I'd recommend to anyone having trouble with their electric glide. (Begins dancing.) I read the defense. I read the defense. I read the defense. I read the defense."

Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

"Ninety-four miles per hour? I thought you said they were going fast."

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