Armed, uniformed police guard Mark Sanchez’s ‘Jets West’ camp

Shutdown Corner

Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and a handful of other New York Jets skill position players are in Southern California this week, honing their skills ahead of training camp. You're not allowed to watch them, though.

Sanchez, the starting quarterback (for now), organizes the yearly event, and this time around, he apparently wanted to make sure that no uninvited eyeballs saw the Jets working on their special brand of super-secret Jets magic. Here's what the New York Post saw:

Yesterday's roughly two-hour workout in the late morning was guarded by five uniformed Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies (one of them openly sporting a shotgun) in four marked vehicles, as well as several other plainclothes officers at the entrances.

What made the extremely tight security amusing is that for most of the morning, the officers outnumbered the would-be spectators not on the invite list as no more than a handful — mostly teens attending summer school or athletic camps — trickled by.

That's a lot of security, and I'm sure it's not coming cheap for Sanchez. I understand the desire for privacy, but surely, there was a simpler way. Maybe rent out a facility and, I don't know, lock the door? Do we really need a dude with a shotgun outside? "You try to take one look into Mark Sanchez's flawless, fetching brown eyes, and I will BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF."

I'm a little worried about Sanchez's ego, if he hired all that security, and no one showed up to even try to watch. If you're in Southern California, swing by Mission Viejo High School on Saturday, and let a man with a shotgun tell you to get lost. Put up a fight, even. The guy is probably bored, and Mark Sanchez needs to feel like people want to see him. The Jets need you.

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