Arlen Specter thinks today is a good day for grilling

Later this afternoon, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be in Senator Arlen Specter's office, and the two will discuss just how big a cheater that Bill Belichick fellow is.

It's not a hearing, no one's been subpoenaed, and Specter's calling it merely a "private conversation." That sounds friendly enough, I suppose, but if I were in Goodell's shoes, and a Senator wanted to have a "private conversation" with me for any reason, I'd be shorts-soiling nervous about it.

What will come of the meeting? I haven't a clue. Probably not a great deal. If Specter sits down with Goodell and gets the answers he wants, then he'll probably issue a statement saying something along the lines of, "Commissioner Goodell satisfied me in every possible way during this meeting" (he may word it differently, I don't know). And if he's not satisfied with Goodell's answers, he might come back in a day or two an announce a bigger and better investigation.

It's a shame we can't get this thing on television. If we can find time for all this Roger Clemens nonsense to be on television, surely, C-SPAN could spare a camera or two for this meeting.

• Goodell to meet with Specter to discuss Spygate / Yahoo! Sports

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