The Arizona Cardinals do not appreciate NFL Network’s short memory

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

It's only been three weeks since the Arizona Cardinals traveled to CenturyLink Field and dealt the Seattle Seahawks their first home loss of the Russell Wilson era.

But whether it was the holiday hangover or the excitement of seeing Seattle's defense easily handle New Orleans in Saturday's divisional playoff, the folks behind the NFL Network apparently forgot the Cardinals' 17-1o triumph on December 22. And so they asked their followers if they thought the Seahawks were unbeatable at home.

The Cardinals were only too happy to remind the NFL Network that no, the Seahawks are not unbeatable in Seattle with a funny, albeit curt, response. Some might respond that's big talk coming from a non-playoff team (the Cards went 10-6, but were squeezed out in the loaded NFC). But that kind of underscores their point, no?

At any rate, the Seahawks will host the NFC championship next Sunday. And while they might come out and look unbeatable en route to the Super Bowl, the Cards will be happy to remind you they're not unbeatable ... nor unbeaten, for that matter.

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