Cardinals crack a joke about a foam finger in honor of Rashad Johnson, who lost part of his finger last week

When it comes down to it, if you can't laugh about a NFL player losing part of his finger in a game, what can you laugh about?

Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson suffered a horrific injury against the Saints on Sunday. He knew something was wrong with his left middle finger after trying to make a tackle on a punt return. Then he returned to the sideline, took off his glove, and the tip of his finger was still in the glove.

Johnson underwent surgery (he has posted pictures of his hand, which you can find on the Internet. We won't post them here, because you can't un-see it once you've viewed), and was pretty nonchalant about losing the tip of one of his 10 fingers.

"It's something I have to adjust to. But at the end of the day, I've got nine more," Johnson said, according to

Since Johnson seems fine with the ordeal, apparently it's not too soon to crack a joke about it.

Insensitive? Well, maybe. Funny? Oh, indeed.

The best part is this wasn't done by The Onion or SportsPickle, it was tweeted out from the team's account. If the team follows through on making some of these, we'll take two. Or better yet, make it one and a half.

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