Arian Foster tweets MRI of hamstring, gets instant diagnosis

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster seems to have this social media thing down … for the most part. He does go off on the misplaced intentions of fantasy footballers once in a great while, but Wednesday, he followed up with what may be a first — he posted the MRI of his left hamstring, which showed an aggravation that Foster termed thusly:

This is an MRI of my hamstring, The white stuff surrounding the muscle is known in the medical world as anti-awesomeness

ESPN's John Clayton then chimed in with the thought that, based on the MRI shown, Foster wouldn't be ready for the Texans' season opener against the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 11.

Foster, for his part, disagreed with that diagnosis:

The humor of the situation was not lost on Rich Eisen of the NFL Network, though!

Well, there are athletes, and there are athletes. Let's hope Foster's back in time for the Colts game after his "anti-awesomeness" clears up — no matter the motivation.

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