Anthony Hargrove, after a lost year to Saints bounty suspension, cut by Cowboys

It's premature to say Anthony Hargrove's career is over, but it doesn't look very promising after the Cowboys cut him more than a month before training camp.

There are many losers in the Saints' bounty scandal, but not many as obvious as Hargrove.

A year ago, Hargrove was just 28 years old and a fairly productive backup defensive lineman. He was with the Packers in training camp, but faced an eight-game suspension (eventually reduced to two games) as part of the bounty scandal. He was cut by the Packers.

Maybe that would have happened anyway, but the suspension surely didn't help his prospects.

He was signed by the Cowboys last month, but after being out of football for a year, was reportedly not in good shape, and Dallas didn't feel the need to keep him around for camp.

Hargrove lamented to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the suspension "took his earning power away," and he presumably felt some bitterness when commissioner Roger Goodell reduced his suspension to two games last October, more than a month after the Packers cut him and at a time during the season that made it harder for him to catch on with a team. Perhaps his NFL career would have ended in the same way anyway, considering backup NFL defensive linemen don't play forever. But if this is the end of the line for Hargrove, he'll probably have a lot of "What ifs" for many years.

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