Anthony Hargrove gets a year off

Whatever his substance of choice, Bills defensive end Anthony Hargrove must really, really like it. He violated the league's substance abuse policy for a third time, and will now be sitting out the 2008 season.

We'll probably never know exactly what Hargrove did ... you can violate the league's substance abuse policy by missing a test, failing to cooperate with a testing program, or failing to comply with league-mandated treatment. And even if it is a positive test, unless Hargrove feels like telling us, we'll never know the exact substance.

So until I'm told otherwise, I'm going to assume it's the third time that Hargrove has eaten all the red jelly beans out of the jar on Roger Goodell's desk, and Goodell's mad as hell about it. I don't blame him. The reds are delicious.

And Hargrove is prone to such misbehavior. The Rams traded him to Buffalo in 2006 after he skipped a couple days of practice, and in 2007, he was charged with harassment, resisting arrest and criminal mischief for an incident outside of a nightclub.

As for what this means for the Bills 2008 campaign ... oh, probably not a lot. Hargrove is primarily a back-up and a special teams player, and while he's a good one, I don't think anyone considers him a key cog to the Bills success in 2008.

• NFL suspends Bills' DE Hargrove for season after he violated substance abuse policy third time / Yahoo Sports

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