Another voice of support for Mike Shanahan: Freddie Mitchell

For some reason, someone thought to ask former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell if he thought that Mike Shanahan's benching of Donovan McNabb was a good idea.

Freddie loved it. Freddie was ecstatic about it. Freddie couldn't have been happier if a random stranger gave him $20 and a delicious ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.

From Tim McManus at

“I respect both Coach Reid and Coach Shanahan — they have two total different coaching theories,” Mitchell said. “I can only wonder what would have happened in the Super Bowl if Reid stepped up and said, ‘You know what? You’re playing like [doo-doo], you’re benched.’ I don’t know many coaches that have the [plums] to do that. He was playing like [doo-doo] and he should have been benched. … And don’t say he doesn’t have a record of this; he did the same thing in every single championship game.”

Maybe I'm imagining this, but it seems a bit like Freddie had that on his chest for a long time and couldn't wait to unload it. It doesn't seem like he was displeased at all when the phone rang. I think Freddie may have even done something like this.

Freddie doesn't have a history of saying the smartest stuff in the world, and he might have an axe to grind with McNabb. Still, I'm not sure that means we should automatically discount what he's saying. We've now got one head coach and two former wide receivers who have shared a huddle with McNabb, all claiming that he gets fatigued at the end of games.

That doesn't make it true, but where there's smoke -- even if that smoke is coming from a smelly, broken-down, disreputable source -- maybe there's some fire. All of those guys have seen Donovan McNabb(notes) up close, in huddles, in practice and in late-game situations. I have not.

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