Ankle surgery gives Rob Gronkowski a chance to wear his Zubaz pants

Shutdown Corner

No one likes being injured, but there is a silver lining to Rob Gronkowski's ankle sprain. It's a chance to break out the Zubaz pants.

The elastic cuffs at the bottom are perfect for sliding over a cumbersome cast, and of course, the artistic tiger stripe pattern never goes out of style. I expect that this photo will prompt the New England Patriots to give serious consideration to using a Zubaz print on their full-time uniform pants.

As for what Gronk is doing chilling with his scooter in his 'Baz, I guess it's kind of explained in this tweet from @GoEliteSC:

I don't really know what that means or what exactly Gronk did in someone's "MAN Cave." I don't need to know. Like most things he does, I assume it's just something that's cool for Rob Gronkowski but would not be cool for normal people.

Gracias, Busted Coverage.

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