Animated Tim Tebow gets nailed to a cross

Shutdown Corner

Sometime soon, the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation are going to produce a video so offensive that I won't want to put it on Shutdown Corner. They're not quite there yet, but they're a step closer.

How does Tim Tebow being crucified ‒ with a depiction of him being physically nailed to a cross and wearing a crown of thorns ‒ sound? Pretty offensive? Then you may want to skip this one.

Not offensive? Then you're in the clear, and even better, I promise you that Tebow being crucified barely even makes the top five most bizarre things in this video.

Do you think Jesus really has a soul patch? Does Satan really wear a black Speedo? Was Sunday's Steelers/Broncos game not actually a game, but a live broadcast of an Xbox 360 game between Jesus and Satan? Is that all life is? One big game of The Sims between Jesus and Satan? Analyze that for us, Phil Simms.

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