Andy Reid and Cullen Jenkins go nose-to-nose, brush it off afterward

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The Philadelphia Eagles' first-team defense allowed a Ryan Mallett-led version of the New England Patriots go 80 yards on it for a touchdown on "Monday Night Football," and head coach Andy Reid didn't like it.

Reid let defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins know about it, and Cullen Jenkins didn't like that at all. Then, Reid and Jenkins enjoyed come up-close time.

The drive in question included three defensive penalties. One was a roughing the passer call on rookie lineman Fletcher Cox that nullified an interception, and then there was a defensive holding on Nnamdi Asomugha that nullified a sack. Another penalty put the Patriots a yard closer to the end zone for the conversion, so they decided to go for two. They got that, too.

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You can understand why a coach might get hot.

Why Jenkins got singled out, I'm not sure, but he didn't just sit there and take it. As you saw, he got right back up in Reid's grill until Derek Landri pulled him away and defensive line coach Jim Washburn stepped between them. Then it was Washburn's turn to get a good look at the mustache.

After the game, both guys went to the old "It's an emotional game" maxim. Here's Reid, via

"Listen, it's an emotional game," Reid said. "He was fired up. I was fired up. Those things happen. Cullen is my primary leader on that defensive line. I count on him for a lot of things. He was upset, and I was upset. We talked about it afterward, and we're OK."

And Jenkins:

"It's football," Jenkins said. "Football causes that. If you're out there playing, you've got to be emotional. It was nothing. Nothing was addressed. It's an emotional game, and sometimes you need that spark and especially now in the preseason."

It might have even worked. The Eagles defense stabilized a bit after that, causing a fumble on the next drive and allowing just three more points before the half. In the end, the Eagles won, 27-17.

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