Andrew Luck told he’ll be the first pick in the draft, says report

Any mystery surrounding the first pick in the NFL draft has been scrubbed away. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Colts have informed Andrew Luck that they'll be selecting him with the first pick. Here's Schefter:

It's unclear precisely when the Colts informed Luck of this, but a league source said the Colts have known for weeks that Luck would be their pick. His style most closely resembles that of former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and he is the player Indianapolis wants to rebuild around, the source said.

Luck's been assumed to be the top pick in the draft for about a year now, but more recently, there had been some thought that the Colts could go with Robert Griffin III. We can stuff that in a sock, if Schefter's source is right.

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The reason given is a little odd ‒ sure, it's a good thing for a young quarterback to mirror Peyton Manning's style. But wouldn't you want the quarterback who's most likely to succeed in the NFL, regardless of style? If a guy's going to make 10 Pro Bowls, I wouldn't care if his style most closely resembles that of Spergon Wynn.

I don't mean to say that Luck isn't the right choice. Both he and RG3 will probably turn into superstars. Perhaps the margin between them is so close that it comes down to something like being more comfortable with a certain player's style.

Schefter also said that the Redskins would be taking Robert Griffin III second overall, but you probably didn't need him to tell you that. The Redskins have done everything but have an RG3 parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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I was hoping there might be the tiniest little bit of suspense at the top of the draft for once. Mercifully, networks have agreed to stop tipping off draft picks with shots of excited phone calls, but a little suspense with the top pick was still probably asking too much. In today's media climate, I'm not sure that's even possible.

Pick a tie that will look good with this stupid hat, Andrew.

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