Andrew Luck does it again, leads the Colts to game-winning TD on final play

Andrew Luck's final throw against Detroit was dangerous. There was no time on the clock and Donnie Avery had to run about 10 yards into the end zone to get the Colts the win. If the Lions stopped Avery before the goal line, the game was over.

But Luck is leading a pretty charmed life as a rookie this season. Avery found his way into the end zone and Luck had pulled another comeback out of his hat, driving the Colts 75 yards in 1:07 to win 35-33 at Detroit.

His last pass was one of his shortest, but the end result was great. While the Lions defended in the end zone, Avery ran a shallow crossing route. Luck stepped up in the pocket, scrambled right and fired a short pass to Avery. The Lions at the goal line didn't react fast enough, and Avery found a gap to squeeze through into the end zone.

The last pass by Luck didn't have a high degree of difficulty and Avery did most of the work, but Luck made some huge plays on the final drive. He completed a 26-yard pass to Reggie Wayne on third-and-1. He ran twice on the drive for 25 yards. Once Indianapolis got to the 14-yard line, Luck threw three incompletions, but his fourth-down pass was the game-winner to Avery.

"Yeah, you know, we were sort of stalled it seemed at that 10-yard line area, the 14-yard line," Luck recalled. "It's tough to just sit back there and try to throw it when they're dropping in their zones and doing a good job. So, I figured, you know, buy a little time and run around a little, maybe it'll open up a window. You always hesitate throwing the ball not in the end zone, you know, for fear of the clock running out or a guy in bounds like it happened in the Georgia game the night before. So, looking downfield, I guess took the calculated risk that Donnie could get there, and he did.

"I'm thankful because we played some bad ball. I played a lot of bad ball, but I'm thankful for a great defense keeping us in there and then I'm thankful to be on a team that just keeps playing."

The Colts are far from a dominant team. They have a point differential of minus-41, which is worse than mediocre teams like the Dolphins and Browns. But they are now 8-4 and getting closer to a playoff berth, thanks to a few magical comebacks by Luck, who should have many more of those over the rest of his career.

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