Adrian Wilson offers Kyle Arrington a year’s supply of diapers in exchange for his number

When you're a parent, your entire world shifts on its axis. Sleep becomes a distant memory, almost a hallucination. Everything you own smells of stale milk and baby food. And diapers? Oh, diapers. They are your most prized possession, beyond money, beyond time, beyond love. And woe betide the poor soul who doesn't get to the store soon enough to prevent the dreaded "we need a fresh diaper NOW!" crisis.

Adrian Wilson, newly signed Patriot, must know this, because he's made an enticing offer to new teammate Kyle Arrington. Wilson wants Arrington's No. 24, and he's prepared an interesting pitch:

“I told him I know he just had a new baby,” Wilson said. “I know he signed a new contract but I offered him a year’s supply of Pampers. Hopefully he gets back to me.”

Monetarily, that's small change for an NFL player. But in terms of convenience? Oh, that would be tempting. But Arrington may not be interested; as ESPNBoston reports, the number has special significance for Arrington. It's the reverse of his first number, and also (somehow) signals the doubling of his good fortune.

Maybe Wilson's going to have to throw in some babysitting services, too. That'd probably seal the deal.

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