Adrian Peterson thinks Michael Vick would make Minnesota playoff team

Adrian Peterson thinks Michael Vick would make Minnesota playoff team

Michael Vick will be a curious player in free agency. Some team will scoop him up because they need a quarterback and he's probably the best one on the market.

Adrian Peterson is already hoping that Minnesota is his landing spot.

And, this is probably why players shouldn't try to moonlight as general managers.

Is Vick capable of turning a 5-10-1 Vikings team into a playoff team? Maybe the 2002 version of Michael Vick was. That guy doesn't work here anymore.

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What you're getting with Vick now is a player who will be 34 by next season. His incredible athleticism isn't completely gone, but he's not the dynamic player he was a decade ago. He hasn't played a full season of games since 2006. And in 30 games over the past three seasons he has been fairly average, with a rating hovering at about 80 and more turnovers (38) than passing touchdowns (35). Even his solid showing last preseason with the Eagles has an asterisk, because look how much better Nick Foles ran the offense after Vick hurt his hamstring and was replaced.

Vick can help a few teams. He's unquestionably better than Christian Ponder, though that's not saying too much. But he's not the kind of impact player who can carry a franchise anymore.

Some team is going to think about Vick, dream about his glory days, consider the 2010 resurgence he had with the Eagles, and hope to get one or two more great seasons out of him. If the NFL's best running back has his way, it'll be in Minnesota.

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