Adrian Peterson says crazier things than ‘N-word’ said in NFL locker rooms

The Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito saga has generated a lot of discussion on the locker room culture in the NFL. In particular, the Incognito's use of a racial slur towards Martin, a teammate on the Dolphins, was a heated topic.

Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson told Fox Sports he laughed when he heard of some of the things that were said to have happened in the Dolphins locker room, because he's used to much worse, including the casual use of the "N-word."

"There's a couple guys – I could use myself as an example – that might throw that out there that's not African-American and I don't take it personally because I know where it comes from," Peterson said, according to Fox Sports. "Not to say that the use of the word should be out there, but it is what it is. It's men. There's no other [place], not even basketball where there's so many guys in one space. Things like that happen. People say crazier things than just the n-word."

There will be plenty of debate over the locker-room culture as a result of what happened in Miami. Part of the problem there seems to center around Martin's apparent distaste for the jokes at his expense, things that are shared among teammates and friends all the time and taken out of context could be viewed in a much different light.

"There's so much that's said in the locker room that people would go crazy if they knew half of the things we say, but you know what, that's the world we live in," Peterson told Fox Sports. "Half the time it'€™s nothing that's taken personally, and it's not really a word that's thrown out there a lot, especially by the opposite race."

NFL teams will have to ask if it's something that needs to be addressed, if there should be a more professional workplace environment, or if the locker room shenanigans that Peterson described are just part of NFL life.

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