Adrian Peterson rushed to hospital after allergic reaction to seafood

With his face swelling and his breathing restricted, star Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was rushed to the hospital on Monday afternoon. An allergic reaction to seafood caused the health scare, briefly giving everyone in Vikings camp a pretty good scare.

Peterson's fine now, and he's been cleared to resume rehabbing from knee surgery. Here's more from head coach Leslie Frazier, via

"He's doing fine," Frazier said Monday, July 30. "He'll pick back up with his rehab (Tuesday). He's been cleared. Everything's back to normal now. Bit of a scare but he's fine now."

The team was unaware of any specific food allergies Peterson had, Frazier said.

"He had mentioned there was a time early in his life where he had an allergic reaction to something, maybe not quite as severe as this," the coach said.

Seafood allergies can develop in adulthood, so it's entirely possible that Peterson spent his whole life enjoying Long John Silvers, and one day out of the blue, a scallop or a calamari ring decided to close down his throat. According to WebMD, 2.3 percent of the population has a seafood allergy, and allergic reactions to seafood account for about 30,000 emergency room visits every year in the United States.

So, as it turns out, a bowl of shrimp scampi can do what no one else in the NFL can: slow down Adrian Peterson. I'm glad he found this out in a situation where there would have been plenty of medical attention around.