Adrian Peterson’s helmet cam lets you live a virtual training-camp life

This one's fun: the Vikings strapped a camera to Adrian Peterson's helmet for a bit at practice to give us a first-person look at what it's like to be an NFL player in a training camp.

Spoiler: you couldn't do it.

So many great moments to love about this video:

• The Matt Cassell down-home introduction that sounds like it could've come straight from a Garrison Keillor old-timey radio performance.

• The way Peterson blames his missed catch on not wanting to mess up the camera.

• Kyle Rudolph clutching his, uh, nether regions after someone got a little feisty with the helmet.

• And the speed. Oh sweet heaven, the speed. These are practice drills, and yet the ball and the defenders are just rocketing at you. This gives you a perfect idea of just how much is going on at any given moment of an NFL game, and how fast it's happening.

Also note that this is a no-pads drill. To get the full effect, you probably ought to slam your forehead into the desk a few times. (Note: not really.)

Bravo to the Vikings for doing this. More, please.

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