Adrian Peterson discusses his role in the life of his young son who died

Since Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's young son died last week due to injuries consistent with abuse, there has been a lot of speculation about Peterson and his relationship with the young boy.

He told the media covering the Vikings that he learned two months ago that the boy, named Tyrese Robert Ruffin, was his son. He said he planned to go visit the boy and his mother. Then the boy was killed in a tragic situation last week. Peterson was excused from practice on Wednesday to attend the funeral.

"I had a talk with his mom, and we got some things together as far as financially helping her," Peterson said, via the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "Unfortunately, this situation took place. It's devastating.

"A lot of people won't ever understand the situation that I'm in and see it the way I'm seeing the situation. It's tough, but I'm able to deal with that and got a good supporting cast around me that's been supporting me through this tough time."

Joseph Patterson, the 27-year-old boyfriend of Ruffin's mother, is being held in relation to the case. Peterson told the media that he has the necessary contacts to stay updated with the investigation.

He shared with the media that covers the Vikings that attending the funeral was tough for him.

"It was a difficult day, just taking in the circumstance and the whole situation," Peterson said, according to the Pioneer Press. "A child was buried. That's difficult for anyone. I'm standing strong, man. I am. My main focus has been on my son and their family down there in Sioux Falls. Just trying to wrap my head around things and trying to stay focused and play ball as well."

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