Adrian Peterson is not happy about the Percy Harvin trade

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Minnesota Vikings fans aren't alone in their disappointment over Percy Harvin being traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Also feeling a bit bitter? Why, none other than Adrian Peterson. The star running back and reigning NFL MVP had this to tweet about the swap on Monday:

Given the often-awkward situation that existed between Harvin and the Vikings, Monday's trade could not have come as a complete surprise to Peterson. The writing was pretty much on the wall with Harvin asking for a big contract and the Vikings unwilling to pay the price for a player who has struggled with injuries during his career.

But while the crop of draft picks the Vikings received can help Minnesota build a winner, you can still understand Peterson's frustration. Minnesota's not any closer to building on 2012's playoff appearance and how much longer can A.D. really wait for a chance at that ring?

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