Adam Carriker loses bet, dresses up like pro wrestler Goldberg

Shutdown Corner

Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker made a bet with former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg. If the Washington Redskins had beaten the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday, Goldberg, a former Atlanta Falcon, would've had to wear a Washington Redskins jersey. If the Falcons beat the Redskins, which is what ended up happening, Carriker had to dress up like Goldberg.

So Carriker willingly made a bet in which he faced long odds, and if he lost, his punishment was way worse than the other guy's. In other words, Adam Carriker really wanted to dress up like Goldberg. So he did. Via TMZ (Carriker on the left, Goldberg on the right, for comparison's sake):

TMZ's headline says Carriker lost an "embarrassing" bet, and yes ‒ just look at how embarrassed he is. I wouldn't be surprised to learn Carriker was at home rooting for the Falcons. The man was just dying to dress up like Goldberg. He even oiled himself up! I bet it's not the first time he's had that outfit on, either.

Carriker, who has time for these things because he's on injured reserve, hosts a wrestling podcast in his free time. I'm guessing he didn't have to do a lot of Internet research to know what Goldberg's costume looked like.

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