Adalius Thomas is neither motivated nor a Jetson

I theorized earlier that Bill Belichick blowing up on his team yesterday was a good thing. Obviously, not everyone will agree with that, and that's fine. One guy who really, really doesn't agree, though, is one of the four guys sent home from practice, linebacker Adalius Thomas.

Will the incident serve as motivation for him? Here's Adalius's response, from

"Motivation is for Kindergarteners. I'm not a Kindergartner," Said Thomas. "Sending somebody home, that's like 'He's expelled, come back and make good grades.' Get that [expletive] out of here. That's ridiculous. Motivation?"

Does he understand why Belichick did what he did? Again, from

"I think everyone woke up to the snow yesterday. I didn't know it was going to snow. There was traffic. I can't run people over getting to work. I don't do that. I actually almost had a car accident. It is what it is. He did what he thought was best for him. That's what he did."

Thomas broke out a cartoon reference when asked about being stuck in traffic, saying, "What do you do? It's not the Jetsons, I can't jump up and just fly. What the heck am I supposed to do?"

It is difficult to side against any guy who evokes the Jetsons in an argument.

Really, though, none of this matters much. Thomas has become a situational player, almost certain to be playing elsewhere next year. If he's mad, he's mad, but he also noted that he'll continue to do what he's told to do. If he's more careful now about showing up on time, and he's there and working in practice, then it's mission accomplished for Belichick.

The more important reaction comes from team captain Randy Moss(notes). He did show up to practice on time today, but he didn't talk to the media. We'll see what things look like on Sunday.

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