Would you act like Terrell Owens? Even for charity?

There are times when I try really hard to like Terrell Owens. He put in some great work this season on the field, kept his mouth closed off of it, and, for the most part, was a good teammate ... probably even a good guy.

His behavior thus far during Super Bowl week, though, is just about enough to destroy any goodwill he may have built up with all the hard work and focus it took for him to not destroy the Cowboys this year.

I hate to even make this post, because Owens hasn't acted like a team cancer for a while (which is great progress for him), but now it seems like Owens has actually progressed to trying to get other players to shaft their own teams. The cancer has returned, and it is spreading.

Owens has signed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken (no problem there), and there's the possibility that some money will go to charity (certainly no problem there).

But what KFC wants is for Owens to go around this week (scroll down) and convince players who are in the game to do the chicken dance (brilliantly demonstrated here) if they score. If they do, KFC will donate $260,000 to the charity of their choice.

The only problem with that is that if someone does take the bait on the chicken dance, they're going to incur a 15-yard penalty. So in essence, Terrell Owens is being paid to try and get players to screw their teammates over.

If you're a New York Giant or a New England Patriot ... at what price would you agree to cost your teammates 15 yards of field position in the biggest game of their lives? At what price do you say, "Yes, Tom Coughlin might actually murder me, but I think it's worth it"?

I'm all for $260,000 going to charity. But most of the skill position players in this game are in a position to just give it away, if they were so inclined. If Terrell Owens is that adamant that $260,000 go to charity, he can certainly afford to just give it. The KFC people can afford to just give it. If they had to scrimp and save a little bit, maybe they could even spend a little less time and money trying to get the Colonel on a postage stamp.

I guess we'll see on Sunday just how successful the "Terrell Owens Wants You to Screw Your Team" has been.

• Nice work if you can get it / SI.com

(Post script: This isn't related to Owens' Super Bowl activities at all, but it's still among the funniest headline/photo combos I've ever seen.)

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