The absurdly premature 2010 playoff picture: Week 4

The absurdly premature playoff picture presents one man's predictions for the NFL playoffs, each given week in the season -- even if that week is unreasonably early.

AFC Top Seeds:
Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC East Champ:
New York Jets

AFC West Champ:
San Diego Chargers

AFC Wild Cards:
Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans

NFC Top Seeds:
Green Bay Packers
New Orleans Saints

NFC East Champ:
Philadelphia Eagles

NFC West Champ:
St. Louis Rams

NFC Wild Cards:
Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys

• There have been no changes in the top four spots, even though both AFC teams lost and both NFC teams struggled. Two months from now I'll either be applauding myself for not overreacting to individual games or berating myself for being so stubborn. That's life with Week 4 playoff projections.

• Yeah, that's a Rams logo you see, my friend. The Rams are a professional football franchise located in St. Louis, Mo., for those of you who have understandably forgotten. I have them winning the NFC West because, really, what other choice do I have? They just crushed the Seahawks, there are UFL teams with better quarterback situations than that of the Cardinals, and the 49ers can't seem to adjust to the idea that their stupid mistakes count in football games, too.

• The Eagles, despite losing to the Redskins, remain atop of the NFC East. Why? Because Michael Vick(notes) is only out for a short period of time, and there is a huge, huge difference between Vick and Kevin Kolb(notes).

• Another kick to the collective groin of Redskins fans: The Cowboys are in, too, which makes two teams that the Redskins have beaten who are in the playoffs while the Redskins are not. Sorry. The only explanation I can offer is that I feel like the Eagles and Cowboys are both better teams, and over the long haul, that will become evident. But there was a lovely feature on Dan Snyder on "E:60" Tuesday night, so at least there's that.

• Welcome, Baltimore Ravens! Your inclusion here is overdue. I know you're probably mad that the Steelers are still ahead of you even after you beat them, but I can't ignore the fact that they're about to have a quarterback who is way better than yours.

• Another warm welcome is extended to the Houston Texans, who get in because ... because, well, there's really no one else to put there. The Patriots were bumped because I believe that 41-14 win was a mirage and because they just stuffed Randy Moss(notes) into a Salvation Army collection bin. The Broncos were a contender, but we'll know a lot more about them after the next two weeks when they play the Ravens and Jets. I still like the Titans, but some more consistency is a must.

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