Aaron Rodgers: Still unimpressed with ESPN

Less than a month ago, we brought you the tale of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes) and his Twitter battle with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay. Rodgers opined that McShay should take his challenge and watch some game film with him, ostensibly in order to prove his expertise. McShay was the only guy that Rodgers called out by name, but his shot at "some of ESPN's experts" was merely a lead-in to his most recent comments. On ESPN's own Milwaukee station, Rodgers mercilessly bashed "Monday Night Football" broadcaster Ron Jaworski and former MNF cohort Tony Kornheiser. First, his take on Tony:

You know who was better than Tony Kornheiser? Dennis Miller was ten times better. Dennis Miller was a great comedian, but one of the worst Monday Night Football guys ever. And he was ten times better than Tony Kornheiser. His stuff was actually funny. Tony stuff wasn't funny at all. He did no research. We'd sit in those production meetings and he would add absolutely nothing to the conversation. I'd be like, ‘What are we doing here? This is stupid.'... You get in there with Tony and he's asking you all these dumb questions that have no application to the game you are playing or anything you are doing. He's terrible... I don't think he's funny. I don't think he's insightful. I don't think (he) knows anything about sports.

And Jaworski?

I like him, but, when I was coming out, he did the worst segment in the history of TV about me talking about my fundamentals. It was not even close to anywhere near my fundamentals. The first time I met him, someone introduced me to him and I said, ‘Yeah I know him. He's the guy who ripped me before the draft.' The rest of the night he told me how great I was. I was like, ‘I know your song and dance.' And now he loves me. I like Trent (Dilfer). He does a good job. He's had success at the position. You look at Marcellus Wiley(notes) up there talking about quarterback play. The guy was a defensive end for a few years in the league. He's not any good.

Wow. I get the Kornheiser-bashing — I don't think you could find anyone outside of Bristol, Conn., and Kornheiser's immediate family, who would agree that his time in the booth was a success. And the 2009 hire of Jon Gruden, after Kornheiser cited "fear of flying" as the reason he woudn't continue on the broadcasts, showed that even the execs in charge realized the need for more football-smart announcing. But Jaworski, who watches a ridiculous amount of tape at NFL Films in preparation for his work on "Monday Night Football" and "NFL Matchup," is rightfully perceived to be about as good as it gets when it comes to player breakdowns. I'd be interested to see Rodgers and Jaws discuss their differences and come to an agree-to-disagree compromise — I think he's earned more respect than Rodgers gives him. As for Kornheiser ... well, it's tough to argue Rodgers' point. The only thing I'd say in Kornheiser's defense is that he was hired to be the outsider and the contrary voice, and that's what he did. It was just a bad hire.

Here's a date to mark on your calendars — Monday, Sept. 27. That's when the MNF crew calls the Bears-Packers game from Soldier Field. Should be slightly dramatic, especially since Jaws has been as critical of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler(notes) as any pundit in the business. Then again, it's entirely possible that the guys in the booth will spend the entire game talking about Brett Favre(notes).

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