Aaron Rodgers refuses to throw teammates under the bus

It's clear that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes) is out of step with Blamescaping in the NFL, 2009-Style. While Seahawks coach Jim Mora calls his kicker out in public, Maurice Jones-Drew(notes) makes his dissatisfaction with the Jaguars' play-calling very public, and Clinton Portis(notes) negates the contributions of fullback Mike Sellers(notes), one guy with a legitimate beef against five of his teammates has refused to get sucked in.

That would be Rodgers, whose 20 sacks leads the NFL. Most of you saw just how bad the Packers' injury-decimated line was in that Monday Night Favreapalooza game, when Jared Allen(notes) went ballistic and spent full time in the Packers' backfield. Still, with all that going on, when Rodgers was asked about his pass protection on Wednesday, he stuck with the old-school code.

"It really doesn't do any good. I trust those guys. I love those guys. They take care of me, I take care of them. That's the way it goes. We have a tight-knit relationship. Nothing gets done when you do something like that publicly.

"We're all pros. We all hold ourselves to a standard of play, and I'd say myself and those guys included would probably all agree that personally, we haven't played up to our potential at all times. We all want to play better. We're going to play better."

Rodgers has a few things on his side this Sunday. The Packers are going up against the Detroit Lions, whose pass rush doesn't inspire fear. Over the next couple of weeks, the Pack will get left tackle Chad Clifton(notes) back from injury, which will do a lot to right the ship. The Packers have some work to do in re-energizing their line (expect it to be a focus in the 2010 draft) but in the meantime, kudos to Aaron Rodgers for being a stand-up guy -- even when he's spending far too much time on his butt.

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