Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to go on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Chris Chase

Live from New York, it's not Aaron Rodgers.

Days before Eli Manning is set to host "Saturday Night Live," Aaron Rodgers explained why he has yet to host the program despite being asked.

Speaking to Darren Smith of 1090 AM San Diego, he said:

"I have been invited. I want to do it right and the commitment that it takes, in my opinion to do it the right way, was just too much for me this offseason. I will be doing that in the future and look forward to the opportunity. NBC has been great to me and I'll look forward to getting on there. Peyton set the bar pretty high and it'll be interesting to see Eli this week to see if he can live up to his brother's appearance.

"It's a lot of rehearsal and I'd like to do it right -- spend a week out there, spend time with the writers and the actors and put on a good show. As we've seen, you can tell the people who really put the time in on it and the people who maybe couldn't make the same kind of commitment."

If I read this correctly, Aaron Rodgers is basically telling Eli Manning that he doesn't work hard enough and that starring on "SNL" is getting his rejected sloppy seconds, right?

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