Aaron Rodgers doesn’t take too kindly to being mistaken for murder suspect Aaron Hernandez

Mistakes happen once in a while, especially when you're doing live television (and especially especially when you write for a prominent football blog), and it's understandable.

It's just that sometimes those mistakes can be really funny.

ESPN's Jeremy Schaap, a true pro over at that network, was providing analysis of the Aaron Hernandez murder charges live as Hernandez was being transported to jail when he mistakenly talked about the evidence that might be "implicating Aaron Rodgers."


Aaron Hernandez: Murder suspect, formerly of the New England Patriots. Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers quarterback, not a suspect for any crimes.

And it probably would have passed with a double take and a chuckle, but Rodgers followed that with a simple tweet.

We assume this is Rodgers giving us a dry (and humorous) punchline, because he's not really mad ... right?

And, it seems like others might have gotten mixed up as well ...

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