Aaron Rodgers delights Bucks fans on ‘Belt Cam’

Shutdown Corner

I don't care what the State Farm people attempt to do to it, Aaron Rodgers' belt move is still cool. The 12,315 people in attendance Monday night at the Bradley Center watching the Bucks take down the 76ers agree with me.

Rodgers was the last person on Milwaukee's "Belt Cam" and he rocked the crowd with the Discount Double Check.

Also of note: Miss America Laura Kaeppeler was in the building, singing the national anthem before the game. You may remember her from the Miss America pageant, not bothering to conceal her hots for Aaron Rodgers.

[Rewind: Miss America asks Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to call her]

There was no word on whether or not she ever got that phone call, or if she was able to convince Rodgers to double check her discount last night, if you catch my drift (nudge, wink).

I'm sorry. That doesn't make any sense. Please carry on with your day, and here's a picture of Miss America Laura Kaeppeler.

Miss America's 'revenge' Super Bowl pick

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