Aaron Rodgers backs out of Boyz II Men jersey bet

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Before the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers faced each other at Lambeau Field last Sunday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a little wager with the group Boyz II Men. Rodgers wanted the Boyz to sing the national anthem before the season opener, and they did so.

However, there was a little side action going on -- Rodgers also made a bet with singer Nathan Morris of the group. If the Packers lost the game, Morris proposed, Rodgers would have to wear a 49ers jersey through this entire week.

The Packers did just that -- lost to the 49ers, 30-22 -- and it now seems as if Rodgers is trying very hard to avoid living up to his end of the bargain. This from TMZ, which also reported the original bet.

"There's nothing to that," Rodgers said. "That got blown way out of proportion."

When pressed, Rodgers said that "It was at best a joke between friends, and, unfortunately, the great reporting of TMZ blew another one."

That's not how Boyz II Men saw it, at least based on their Twitter account:

Then again, this could be the attention-grabbing gesture of a band currently booked to play such hotspots as the Popcorn Festival in Marion, Ohio, and the Tualip Resort Casino Amphitheatre in Tulalip, Washington. We're not really sure.

Rodgers does have other things on his mind right now -- a Thursday night matchup against the Chicago Bears, and the hope that his Packers can get back on the good foot after looking all too mortal against the 49ers.

"I thought they did a good job of rushing him and containing him," Bears defensive end Julius Peppers said of the 49ers. "We're going to try to do the same thing. We're not necessarily going to use what they did because we play a different front than they do. But as far as the concept of rushing him hard and relentlessly and keeping him in the pocket and getting pressure to him, we want to try to replicate those things."

Just don't replicate the bet, Julius. It might not pay off ... even if you win.

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