Aaron Hernandez watch gets absurd as news helicopters follow his car everywhere

The only thing missing from the increasing Aaron Hernandez circus in Massachusetts was a white Bronco.

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News helicopters, waiting outside the house of the New England Patriots tight end who finds himself being questioned in a death investigation, followed Hernandez when he left the house on Thursday morning (a little bit before the Boston Globe's Wesley Lowery reported that no arrest in the killing of Odin Lloyd was imminent). It was oh-so captivating and dramatic watching his white SUV on a normal drive, until one realized that Hernandez was just going to Gillette Stadium, where he works.

At least we can't say the media hasn't caught on to how big this Hernandez story might be.

To follow up on that intense Hernandez chase (Will he work out at the facilities? Sources don't know!), the stations covered the parking lot at Gillette Stadium live. Just a streaming video of a parking lot:


Oh, and when he left, things got really loony, especially when he stopped for some gas. Hernandez started filling the tank, then sat in the SUV but was eventually surrounded by reporters as he went to replace the nozzle after he was finished. Seriously:

The post-gas station video is basically just tracking the driving habits of Hernandez (and if there's ever a time to obey the speed limit and use turn signals properly, this might be it) as he maneuvered around the suburbs. After driving for about an hour, Hernandez stopped at what appeared to be his lawyers' office.

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They're probably not making a "30 for 30" documentary on Hernandez's drive, folks. Although, like the O.J. Simpson chase 19 years ago this month, it did take place on the same day as a NBA Finals game. The differences were numerous though: Hernandez wasn't a fugitive from justice like Simpson was, there were no cops in pursuit of Hernandez's SUV, nobody was lining the bridges in Massachusetts to cheer Hernandez on, and Al Cowlings wasn't prominently involved with this leisurely drive.

As we sift through the various rumors and wait for more developments in the investigation, we'll wait to see if Hernandez goes to the store to buy some bread and milk.

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