Aaron Hernandez not allowed to watch NFL games while incarcerated

Anwar S Richardson

Former New England Patriots tight Aaron Hernadez is learning the cruel reality of being incarcerated.

Sometimes you might get treated like an inmate.

Part of being behind bars means even though Hernandez would like to watch NFL football games, like New England’s exciting 23-21 victory against the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, he must deal with a jailhouse blackout. TMZ reports Hernandez, along with every other inmate, is not allowed to watch NFL football games while at the Bristol County Jail.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of the Bristol County Jail told TMZ: "While Mr. Hernandez and many other inmates would like to watch football, it is just not part of our policy here ... so that will not be happening."

TMZ also reported Hernandez is allowed an hour of free time per day. There is no word if he is banned from watching NFL highlights on local TV.

Hernandez pled not guilty to the first-degree murder in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd last week. In addition, he has pled not guilty to carrying a firearm and possession of a firearm. He has been behind bars since his arrest on June 26.

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